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Registration of SPECT Brain Images and Calculation of Difference-Images for the Detection of Siezure Foci in Epilepsy

. A new image processing technique is being developed for locating epileptic seizures sites. The same patient is imaged twice: during and between seizures using a radiopharmaceutical which tags brain blood flow. The functional SPECT scans and anatomical MRI 3D data sets are registered using a registration program developed in our lab. Calculating the difference between the seizure and non-seizure state yields a functional image which "points" to the origin of the epileptic seizure. The demo shows the interactive step of registering two 3D brain images and calculating the transformation matrix from one coordinate frame (seizure) to the other (non-seizure). Clinical results are shown. Principal Investigator: George Zubal.

Fri Mar 11 20:17:14 EST 1994