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Computer Vision

Course Number EE 455b/914b CS 476b/576b
Course Title Computer Vision
Instructors Hemant Tagare, Peter N. Belhumeur and David J. Kriegman
Teaching Assistant Xenios Papademetris
Schedule TTh 9.00-10.15 at 107 Mason

Course Description

This course is intended for first year graduate students and advanced undergraduates. We assume students have at a least a rudimentary understanding of linear algebra, calculus, optimization, and are able to program in some type of structured language. There will be a number of homeworks particularly in the first part of the course, and an extended project in the second half. There will also be a midterm exam. Grading will be approximately 35% on the homeworks, 30% on the midterm, and 35% on the project.


Machine Vision, Jain, Katsuri, and Schunck, McGraw-Hill 1995.
(Photocopied readings will be made available.)


TBK   Jan 14       Overview of the Course 
K     Jan 16       Image Formation 
K     Jan 21       Human Visual System 
B     Jan 23       Segmentation and Grouping 
T     Jan 28       Filtering 
T     Jan 30       Edge Detection and Space Space 
B     Feb 4        Texture  
B     Feb 6        Binocular Stereopsis
B     Feb 11       Optical Flow
B     Feb 13       Structure from Motion 
T     Feb 18       Reflectance Functions / Shape from Shading
T     Feb 20       Photometric Stereo
T     Feb 25       Color
K     Feb 27       Line Drawing Interpretation and Aspect Graphs
B     Mar 4        Pattern Recognition
K     Mar 6        Object Recognition
                   SPRING BREAK 
K     Mar 25       Object Recognition
TBK   Mar 27       Midterm Review 
TBK   Apr 1        MIDTERM EXAM
K     Apr 3        Face Recognition   
T     Apr 8        Medical Imaging (with Active Contours)
T     Apr 10       Medical Imaging
K     Apr 15       Structured Light / Range Imaging
B     Apr 17       Tracking 
TBK   Apr 22       Project Presentations
TBK   Apr 24       Project Presentations



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Xenios Papademetris 17th Feb 1997